Boomerang Bags


All bags are made from donated materials and sewed with love for you. Each bag is unique with a long or short handle. Boomerang Bags aren't just a bag is about connecting communities, making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, fostering sustainable behavior, and having a bit of fun! Check out Boomerang Bags for more information on how to get involved.
Don't forget to add your favorite bag  and we will do our best to match it, so get in quick.

Keep in mind each bag is unique and none are exactly the same. (Some may be slightly different to photo shown).

Thats what makes them so special!







yellow  Cream

Diamond  Bold flower

Cream flower  Blue Swirl

Gold Leaf  Blue leaf

Shiny Brown  Zebra Handles

Grey Stripe  Yellow Petal

Maroon Handles  Cream Bold

Wild Flower  Plain Navy

Blue Wash  Brown Swirl